For Beautiful Athletes

The stallions used and still present in the pedigrees of Holmes Farm Arabians

  • At White City with Mick McGrath
    At White City with Mick McGrath
  • At Raynham one day event
    At Raynham one day event

Gerwazy (Doktryner/ Gwara )

Gerwazy embodied everything Patricia wanted in a stallion. He was athletic, beautifully made and had a fantastic temperament. She always considered him to be ahead of his time in Britain because he had a totally level croup which breeders at the time were not used to seeing. He was used extensively on Patricia's horses and his blood can be found in everyone of Holmes Farm's mares. 

  • Patricia riding Legend of Europe, Sonia riding Litawor
    Patricia riding Legend of Europe, Sonia riding Litawor

Legend Of Europe ( Gerwazy/ Lafirynda )

Legend of Europe, Patricia's all time favorite stallion. She did everything with him, as can be seen in the photos, he was also full brother to Lalage ( dam of American National Champion Aladdin ), Lalun ( in The Netherlands ) , Polish Lancer  ( in E. Germany) and Leonie, dam of Lorelie whose grand-daughter Litote is at Holmes Farm Arabians.      

  • at Home at Janow Podlaski in Poland
    at Home at Janow Podlaski in Poland

Banat  (El Azrak/ Bandola )

Banat, the stallion Patricia fell in love with as a foal and spent the next few years planning for him to come to England. It finally happened in 1974 and he was to stay for three years on exchange for Patricia's stallion Burkan. During his time in England he won every major  show Championship culminating in British National Champion. He wasn't only a beautiful horse he was also a great sire producing show winners from mares of various origins. He left with Patricia a son in Lotny and several daughters perhaps the best being Kula, a grand daughter of Karramba. 

  • Lotny at Buckingham Palace in front of The Queen
    Lotny at Buckingham Palace in front of The Queen

Lotny (Banat/ Flying Light )

Lotny, aged five,  was when I came to join Patricia with the horses. He was the first Arab I ever showed and remained a favorite for the rest of his life. He, like Banat, was a Champion many times culminating in being Reserve British National Champion in 1987. His blood too can be found in most of the mares at Holmes Farm Arabians. His Son , Ban Kulin, out of Kula has continued the Banat influence.

Ban Kulin (Lotny/ Kula )

Ban Kulin is the result of crossing Patricia's two best horses, they were three quarter brother and sister, both by Banat and both out of Gerwazy daughters. Possibly the only double Banat son he has proved to be a great sire of broodmares  three of which have been incorporated in the breeding program at Holmes Farm Arabians. 

  • Burkan at Michalow, Poland
    Burkan at Michalow, Poland

Burkan  (Saladin II/ Biruta )

Burkan, purchased from his breeder, Lord Moyne at Biddesden Stud, as a yearling. He was white as a foal and w\as known for producing spectacularly beautiful grey offspring. His greatest influence in Britain has been through his sons: White Lightening ( ex Latawica) , Arakan (ex Arwila ) and Kefir (ex Karramba ).  His Descendants at Holmes Farm Arabians are from his daughter Lorelie (ex Leonie). He spent three years in Poland in exchange for Banat and left some valuable brood mares there.