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The present day Stud Farm is the continuation of the work of Patricia Lindsay by her Stud Groom, Richard Davies. Richard worked for Patricia for 33 years, who inherited the horses on her death. The team at Holmes Farm Arabians comprises Aneta( Richard's wife), Sonia ( Patricia's sister) , Phillip Wonacott, farm ,maintenance and spare pair of hands with the horses, Wojtek, son of Aneta and Richard. and in 2015 we were joined for the summer by two Polish students to help back 6 unbroken horses - Agata and Malwina. We are a small group and are looking to down size the Stud and further its development over the next few years. The core bloodlines at the farm all descend from Patricia's original imports from Poland and they provide the basis on which we will continue. The families of Karramba, Latawica, Lafirynda , Widawa, Etyka and Cygaretka are all still represented on the Farm. New Bloodlines have always brought in to the Farm by the use of different stallions. With this in mind we have foals by Emerald J, Alfabia Aragon and AV Montoya due in 2016.


from the left: Aneta, Agata, Sonia, Wojtek, Richard, Malwina, Philip with Nimrod (dog) and Louis D'Or (stallion).

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